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HABIT ROUGE 1965 (2003) fragrance review

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  1. Your reviews are the soundtrack to my Saturday mornings, whilst making pancakes for the kids. Another great review :-)

  2. Great review! Thanks Lanier. This one has been sitting on my To Try List.. but you just kicked it up to the top! Question though, what are your thoughts on the EDT vs the EDP? Is the EDT the one to go for?

  3. Just got my mini today. I really wanted to like this one but I truly dislike it. There's a piercing powdery sweetness that seems artificial and unpleasant. I wanted to take it off my skin as soon as it went on and later wiped it down with 4711. I'll stick with Chanel Pour Monsieur, which I dearly love.

  4. Great Video. Now I must revisit this fragrance!

  5. Oh Henry Mancini composed some of the best movie music and won a number of Oscars. Yes , fashion really changed then!!! I love me a Guerlain ……. must take a new sniff of Habit Rouge – that new one. I am with you …. what is it about all the "sweet" ?? I am a woman and I hate the sweet , sweet perfumes being forced on the market to us! I really think they are appealing to the kids and get them "young" and so – more consumers of your products but ……. women and men like us Lanier stop buying!!!  LOLI guess this is why I love the "old lady" perfumes …… yes I hate that label but , sadly , this is what the younger set call Mitsouko, Shalimar etc!!!

  6. Happy holidays,lanier!!!

  7. Cheers my Friend , happy Holidays ! :) yes I love this scent i got the special edition box for the Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum last year for xmas :)

  8. The fragrance, class! I do enjoy your reviews. Carnaby St. is still one of my favorite places in London. Right next to Liberty, which means fragrance paradise!
    I wish you a happy holiday season. Cheers

  9. Thanks Lanier…always a pleasure to peep your vids…both for the fragrance review and the cocktail selections! I have this both in edt and edp…I enjoy both quite a bit. Have a great holiday season my friend.

  10. As always…pure class right here. Wonderful review, and i completely agree with you about the age/gender thing. Wear what you love! ♡

  11. Nice review.. I have smelled this before, but I don't seem to remember it other than having orange smell. I would like to smell it again and maybe buy it since Guerlain's fragrances are great :)

  12. Hi Lanier – I need a cocktail. Love your reviews. Merry Christmas.

  13. Perfetto and Buon natale😀

  14. Have this frag in a special edition. love the scent, and love your review, Lanier! Happy holidays!

  15. Happy Holidays! I A great scent . I have a mini and seeing this makes me realize I need to buy a full bottle, Thanks for the wonderful review. Cheers !

  16. Which is the Guerlain likened to a Shalimar for men?

  17. i tried to give 2 thumbs up to this video because liking it isnt enough to describe how great is your job,very well done review,looking forward to try this legendary smell

  18. Whenever I'm feeling down and blue, I tune into Lanier's channel and I am uplifted anew! Heck, I was sitting here in a pair of sweats while stuffing my pie-hole with cheese-wiz and downing a mountain dew…but magically I am transported and find myself wearing a Hugo Boss suit and feasting on caviar while sipping a champagne cocktail. Go figure!

    Okay, I don't wear sweats nor feast on cheese-wiz or drink mountain spew, but your wonderfully classy fragrance reviews sure do make me feel like a million bucks!. Enjoyed, as always.

  19. Sounds very interesting one indeed… I enjoy the videos get a little drink mixing lesson some history and a fragrance review to top it up. Whats not to like!

  20. AH YES!! A special one… masterpiece! BTW, I love the mixology, I've been getting more into it recently

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