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Guys Review Women’s Perfume

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  1. We need a part two! My absolute favourite perfume is J'adore by Dior! I'm glad that they gave Daisy a good review. That's my second fave haha. :P

  2. The one with the glasses is cute! I think I might have a thing for men with glasses. hmm. …..

  3. Marc jabob has the best fragrances

  4. Verde. limp yakisoba

    I love wearing Daisy since it's a lighter perfume. I can't handle the ones that seem to punch you in the face when you get a whiff, they're too overpowering.

  5. Did zack broke up?? When? They were so goals though! When did they break up??? Someone tell me!!

  6. Jessica Kalinowski

    ooohhh snap, Zach showing off the chest hair. I'm digging it ;)

  7. I hate perfume… I prefer deo

  8. I have desire by dolce and gabbana . I hate the smell but so many people love it , women's perfume is the hardest thing ever

  9. This comment will get 30 likes for no reason.

  10. I love Daisy sooo much. I get a new bottle every year for mother's day.

  11. I wear tom ford black orchid all the time oops

  12. idk why I'm watching this…I'm allergic to perfume.

  13. Zach is getting very handsom

  14. tf is right aid

  15. love how one of my favorite perfumes are perfect for "after i take a shidoobs" lol

  16. I'm a girl but I honestly hate the smell of perfume. They all have that same chemical-y disgusting Payless/Macy's scent to me.

  17. Liveth Maria Mendoza Castellanos

    I have the Daisy perfume XD
    It smells like bananas to me cx

  18. aw curly….you and zach could never be

  19. I wear La vie est belle… It's pretty awesome…

  20. when did zach become single?!!!!!

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