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Guilty Black by Gucci Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Old spice shower gel in a bottle.

  2. This still holds strong as 1 of my favorite fragrances and in my top 5 as most complimented. LOL… As a matter of fact 2 of my co-workers bought this scent because they liked it on me so much

  3. Gucci you have bring back Gucci pour homme 1 if you want to best in fragrance line like channel have Dior and Versace and ysl

  4. Gucci have to produce again Gucci pour homme 1, I like Gucci pour homme 2 rest is not good but Gucci gualty is ok not other one

  5. madison capalungan

    I am looking to get this. I few days ago I got a sample in the mail from this the original one not the Gucci guilty black but which one would you recommend The original or Intense? I want something. For any season and for any thing like work, dating, night out, etc. I have heard the intense is way to intense though but I do want something that goes on my skin for a long time. Btw I am using my sisters account. 

  6. Just received my bottle for only a few days and I have been getting MANY compliments.  I had to watch this again to see what was going on.

  7. biobele william-west

    Well said. I think that all Gucci guilty fragrances to me is the worst fragrance series that Gucci ever produced in their men fragrance line.

  8. "As determined by the level of juice in my bottle" I'm sorry I cracked up XD anyways, nice video I think I'm gonna get this rather than the original Gucci Guilty :)

  9. how many sprays do you put on with this one? and you said you get compliments is that from putting a little extra sprays than others? cant over spray Gucci guilty intense too light lol

  10. Gucci pour Homme would be my favorite but it doesn't last long on my skin at all, now i own Gucci guilty intense which works great on my skin i can smell it easily on my skin but i asked other people and they cant smell it unless they get really very close, but at work Gucci guilty intense is liked maybe i leave good scent trail going back and forth and people at my work don't know a lot about fragrances makes them less fussy, but Gucci guilty black just another safe fragrance to try at work but nobody noticed Gucci guilty intense at church might be way too light even for church believe it or not great review another gucci women like and men kind of don't like great review your thoughts?

  11. I've smelled all Gucci except for Pour Homme II, and out of all of them, the only good one is Pour Homme.
    The rest of the Gucci fragrances are all the same, sweet citrus or boring aqua.
    I read alot of reviews about this fragrance and went to the store today, was very disappointed, was expecting/hoping for a darker more woody,dry & spicy scent.

  12. 1337invalidsubmit

    I own this. I am 15 and it definitely smells good on younger people. Of course I'm not saying it doesn't smell good on older people. It's very nice and I rate it 6/10. My other cologne I've been using recently is the lacoste noir(black bottle) it gets lots of attention and compliments from both boys and girls in the 13-15 age group and I'm sure it would be good for adults as well. I would rate the lacoste noir 7/10 because the guilty black bottle was in fact $20 more for the 3 ounce bottle. Which may not be a big deal of course but something to keep in mind for the guys who have problems finding good price for their cologne. Gucci guilty black is definitely worth $80 and is a go in my opinion and the lacoste is without a doubt worth $60 I am looking forward to buying another bottle soon. I do have a problem though and I am wondering if you have any idea if this is normal.. My lacoste cologne has a stronger alcohol smell to it, I do know it is alcohol based but it's getting stronger and stronger. Could it be the atomizer that isn't filtering it completely? I've had it for a long time also. 

  13. I love Green scents and seem to go for more people pleasing frags so I got this based on your review ! Deff excited to try this out next week :)

  14. Any chance we can  get a glenn perri review (unpredictable adventure)?

  15. Great video, but just the fact that Dallas Cowboy running back, Joseph Randle was arrested for stealing this particular cologne has me wondering if it worth it or not? Probably not worth getting arrested, I'm pretty sure no fragrance is. 

  16. This stuff smells great, but the longevity sucks.

  17. amazing work i subscribed 5 months ago best reviewer yet i'm from the middle east and  watched all your videos keep up the good work !

  18. Wait a second! You don't have Gucci pour Homme II?

  19. Johnny B. (johnnybr0801)

    I also like this fragrance! This is more sophisticated than the original. I have the original Guilty which is more strong on the initial blast of citruses, minus the coriander. The smell is very safe, kinda pleasant but playful as well. Its funny to read all those reviews on fragrantica where almost 90% of people hate it and say its very generic. Its definitely not in correspondence with the quality of the old Gucci fragrances, but I like the fact that Gucci is trying to keep up with the new trends and people nowadays love these type of fragrances. Easy and versatile. Regarding the uniqueness its for sure not the most unique smell, however if I smell this on the street anywhere I immediately recognize this smell, so cannot be that bad! 

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