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Guess Seductive-Perfume review

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  1. Mária Vetríková


  2. unravelthoughmybrain

    My bf gave this to me and I wasn't a huge fan, it felt too womanly for me. After we broke up I wore it one day and got some compliments (even at the end of the day when I really couldn't notice it anymore). It surprisingly grew on me. It starts off strong, but smells more like a warm vanilla by the end of the day. Definitely a unique memorable scent. Reminds me of Hot Couture or Armani Code.

  3. I got this as a gift and I really don't see the appeal in it. I love my perfumes (and absolutely love Guess, you just have to see my handbag collection to know that) but this fragrance is just…boring and weak. I have a lot of perfumes, ranging from about $50 to $300 a bottle and this one is my least favourite.

  4. nice but the perfume is called seductive ;D

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