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GUESS Night Fragrance for Men

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  1. hey guys please help me! I want to choose a good perfume for myself but I don't really want to go to a store and test all of them and then end up buying an overpriced one. Instead of that I want to test them at home without being pushed like some people who work in stores do – they almost force you to buy something from them. I remember long time ago my mother brought some catalogue with the name of the perfumes and a paper next to the names of the perfumes was impregnated with perfume so you could rub it and smell it. Any ideas what kind of catalogue could it be? I tried to google it but all I find is perfume sample bottles and stuff like that, but not a catalogue….So i'm looking for something like perfume sample papers with the name of the perfumes…Any Ideas guys? please help!!!!

  2. I am Not USED ot cmpUTers hlp

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