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Guess Man by Guess – Cologne/ Fragrance Review

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  1. I went through online reviews and got a lot of negative comments on this. Let the haters say but it's one of the best I've ever tried. Yes I do have quite a few more expensive ones such as some D'orsays, SMN's, Penhaligon's and the like still I prefer this. That's what I think is the pro side. As for the cons, it smells a little cheap like it's synthesized as what it's supposed to do. It doesn't really get on my skin very well at times either. Overall, it's a semi-casual type of scent IMO. Anyway I LOVE it nevertheless! (oh man sometimes cheap soaps will do for me. yk what I mean. I can tell what should be expensive and what's not however, taste should be another thing unless you're a blind douchebag that only appreciates a pricy piece of shit) 

  2. Reggie Rodriguez

    Green jolly rancher

  3. Heck yea dude, i couldn't agree more. I like the smell and all, but there's hint of freshly sharpened pencil!! I'm guessing it's the pepper in this cologne..

  4. hey dude ive got this sent it is very nice u get a hit of freshness right of the bat and drys down to a nice musk i didnt think it was that sweet but i found only lasted between 3 to 4 hours but this is a good buy for a cheapy

  5. My guy friend wear dolce n gabbana is that fragrance consider sweet? 'cause i got him for his bday guess man n your saying its sweet so im hoping he likes this cologne.lol.. by the way your cute!

  6. Wtf, a 1.7 oz is sold at Macys for $45!! Why?

  7. saw this for 14 dollars at TJ maxx. May get it. But unforgivable is 20 dollars…so its easy to the unforgivable

  8. I get a subtle sweetness but to me it smells more like a pencil, eraser and all! It smells good though but everyone says it smells sweet but I don't get that at all! I'll even go as far as saying that it somewhat smells like a box of crayons.

  9. damn i fall asleep listening to this guy

  10. @weakkitten Yeah summer and spring is what this is for. It's just really sweet and if your alright with that than go for it.

  11. @AyeImaBoss haha thats a large!

  12. Would this be a good blind buy for a ´college kid ? And u wear it when it's summer and spring ?

  13. good first person to breakdown the notes great job

  14. when you said "little polo tshirt" at around 7 min you really meant little, lol.

  15. @olymsailor83 Glad you like it!

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