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Guerlain “Terracotta” Fragrance Review

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  1. Just bought from John Lewis!!

  2. I love white florals! maybe if I can find it I'll just grab it

  3. Suzanne Lisanti

    so sad – I just tried to buy this from escentual and allbeauty and this perfume cannot be shipped to the USA ! I love Bronze Goddess and think this one will be great too.

  4. A fragrantica friend sent me a sample of this and it was instant love…. I HAVE to get a 100ml bottle of this. I know its considered to be a summer fragrance, and I have yet to try it in the summer, but as now I am wearing it in January, and I love it now…..surely it cant be even better in the summer? Can't wait to find out.

  5. BlondieGirl1708

    this is a beauty.. such a lovely scent.. its a very sunny scent and for summer, but the scent its just too good to use only for summer.. haha.. glad you like it😊


    I'm DYING to have this one lol. I'm in love with Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and was told this one's similar. glad to see you review it.

  7. I would wear ylang ylang alone too! I got to smell some fresh ylang ylang right off the tree a couple years ago and it was amazing!

  8. Love this perfume. Had it for about 6 months but only just started wearing it with Un Bois Vanille because of a review on Fragrantica and they are gorgeous together!

  9. Bought immediately a bottle when Guerlain released it. Lovely summer scent! In autumn I lovely to wear spicy and woody perfumes.

  10. I got this a few months ago, I love it. I'm glad you got it!

  11. I have a decant of this, it's so yummy! :D

  12. Well this is all very strange, I was out shopping and boozing with a friend of mine around Leeds, Monday last, we were in Debenhams and they have it there, she tried it out and loves it. Yeah! and she wants it for Christmas so that's what I'm giving her, yeah, Isn't that strange?

  13. Well now I must try this! You misspelled the perfume (should be Terracotta) in case you want people to find this review when they search :)

  14. LOL,I just got a picture in my head of: poor little ylang-ylang getting roughed up by the "big-bad-jasmin" You are so much fun to listen to !

  15. Anything with ylang ylang I gravitate towards. I wear the essential oil alone as you mentioned. I love that cool pillow! :)

  16. I'm getting this……..

  17. really gorgouse!
    I need it now
    I swear I can smell it through this video!
    best review !!!

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