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Guerlain Shalimar Initial Perfume Review

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  1. Guerlain Shalimar Initial is similar to Dior Homme Intense Perfume, it same smell

  2. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Such a great review!!! You pretty much said everything I think about this.  I'm gonna do this one next. I find this one quite tough to describe though. SUCH a beautiful classy perfume. :)

  3. Lovely review! I'm quite into classic Shalimar, but I've never smelled this one. Definitely will when I'm out shopping.

  4. Great review & those notes sounds amazing…..If you want to snag you another bottle, checkout Fragrancenet.com.

  5. Wow what a great review w all the description and adjectives! TFS and looking forward to more! 😉

  6. SweptAndGarnished1

    That's a big bottle, lol! It sound lovely and I'd have to give this a sniff next time I'm in town 😉 I've had the perfume years ago and loved it; very grownup and stylish so I know what you mean. A timeless classic that I love.
    Thanks for sharing. Hugs.


  7. I will have to look for this perfume.Where did you find it? My mom used to wear Shalimar. Thanks for the review!!!! Hugs, Sara

  8.  I  never try this perfume, so far like the bottle, I will try it..

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