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Guerlain Samsara EDT vs EDP Comparison Fragrance Review

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  1. Awesome review!  Thanks for sharing.   This scent also brings back many memories for me too…my Mom got a bottle of the Parfum back in 1989 when it was new, from my Grandma who was the "Perfume Lady" at Famous Barr.  I remember being in love with it even then–and it was and remains such a beautiful scent.  I just picked up some EDP and it was INSTANT flashback to a time of big hair, sweater dresses and lots of makeup!  Good stuff.

  2. great review i picked it as a signature fragrance today

  3. Thanks for this look at what makes the difference btwn the EDP and EDT.  I have 2 bottles of vintage EDT, the caps don't come off like yours in the video, you actually spray it through the red caps – just press down on them!  Anyway I've always found it to be a powder, sandalwood and jasmine bomb, I never got any of the fruit notes.  Fantastic in winter, a classic in every regard.

  4. Hi,
    Beautiful review, I love how you describe each perfume and thumb up for that. But I have a question, is the sandalwood a little less noticeable, not so "in your face" in the EDT? Because I am interested in buying that one. Thank you, I wish you all the best

  5. So, you talked me into giving this one more try. I went to Ulta yesterday and sprayed it on one wrist. I immediately liked it, but that has happened in the past. Well, previously I'd have to scrub it off with in 30 minutes. Not this time! I stayed with it the whole way through and was actually sad when I woke up and it was gone.

    I suspect that what I tried yesterday was the EDT, where as in the past was the EDP. I will leave for the store shortly and find out as I forgot to check for EDT or EDP yesterday. I'll let you know if I'm right and it's EDT.

    Anyway, THANK YOU for your reviews! They are the most helpful and informative I've found on YT :)

  6. I totaly agree with you.this perfume is the best of the best .the masterpiece of the masterpieces.the god of the god of perfumes fregrances etc…

  7. Its nostalgic for me too. My mom had it, the clear bottle with gold cap one with some red. And i dont quite remember the smell but i will knw if i smell, and i knw i loved it. Must get it:)

  8. Your reviews make me fall in love perfume by Guerlain
    I have Insolence
    which recommended me now:
    Shalimar EDP or Samsara? 
    sorry my English – Brasil :-)

  9. One of my favorite perfumes ever!

  10. I went and smelled Samsara because of your review :) and I was surprised with how much I liked it :) But am I the only one who thinks the scent is reminiscent of Coca-Cola? :))

  11. It's gorgeous! As all guerlain creations!

  12. I have a baby bottle of the vintage- found it in my grams house after she passed. I never remember her smelling like it. I'm 22 and I rock it- a little goes a long way. I'm so happy I found your review- I can tell you love it – makes me love it too. 

  13. I absolutely love Samsara and is my favorite. I've been wearing it since it first came out and always go back to it after trying other perfumes. I get compliments on it every time I wear it.   

  14. how does the modern formulation compare to the vintage? i looked on ebay and many of the vibtage ones I saw were dark brown in coloration.

  15. Your review has got me yearning for a bottle. Think I will go troll for a bottle online. I am a fiend for sandalwood and incense. Is the jasmine in this very heavy,l and indolic ?

  16. Christian Fairchild

    I absolutely adore this perfume (especially the EdP) great review! 

  17. IS this perfoum Samsara  only for all lady cause A women, told me it wasn't a perfoun forYoung girls , cause i am young and this is for old lady is that true?

  18. Jennie Georgiades

    Maybe mine is fake?!?! I got it from one of those strange perfume discount mall stores…bad me :) 

  19. Jennie Georgiades

    My husband asked why I smell of bananas. Do you get a banana vibe, maybe from the Ylang ? I dunno, it didn't seem bananary to me…

  20. Jennie Georgiades

    I've been watching your Samsara review quite a few times. I've been trying to find a place to go smell it, and any places that had it, had no testers. I have to say, I caved in and went and bought a small Eau de Parfum today and I feel like you did a brilliant job explaining it! Thanks so much for doing your best to really get the feeling of the scent across. :) 

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