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Guerlain Homme Review! Refined Man-Fresh

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  1. Because of the mint/lime/alcoholic combo it seems to me like a dryer, woodier, more mature version of 212 VIP, the latter more of a clubbing scent and the former more of a date nightout one.

  2. This is a casual fragrance, on me it last 9-12 hours high quality product, very low key not a projection beast, but legit. 4/5.

  3. I have the Intense version, and this is one of the very few, that LASTS! 10-12h! Others that are supposed to have great lasting power (Terre d H, Antaeus) last only around 6-8h on my skin

  4. people keep talking about longevity but i could smell this on my shirt 3 days later and on my skin i get 6-8 hours every time  what are people expecting from a light fresh scent. 

  5. This is an amazing underrated scent for the spring and summer. 

  6. Hoped you did a review of Guerlain Homme intense…that has better longevity and projection.

  7. I totally agree with the longevity. But love the scent. I really enjoy Original Vetiver by Creed as it lasts on me. This one is just different enough to where I want it.

    Keep on Rocking Gentlemen!!

  8. Fragrance Bros.

    oh really? i love the opening. :) thanks for stopping by!

  9. Absolutely hate the opening. The lime and lemon in this aren't very strong to me. IMO ppl are better off getting Leau De Issey or Chanel Allure Edition Blanche

  10. Great video guys.

  11. There is also an intense version of this little gem. It's eau de parfum and will give you an extra 1-2 hours more lasting time

  12. The ad campaign for this frag was misleading. The tag line, pour l'animal qui dort en vous – for the animal dormant in you – doesn't fit the scent at all. More fitting would be a man in a country club nursing a 20 year aged whisky in his hand. I know that it's not the demographic guerlain was shooting for, but that's what the frag is. I like it, but from the ads I had totally different expectations

  13. PlayaYoungThugz

    Got this in the mail today because of you Daver 😀 And wow it's beautiful.. Love the crome bottle but mine is all clear.. still looks good but not what i expected.

  14. Fragrance Bros.

    oh really?? interesting! now we have to try that one out! thanks!

  15. Just gave this a sniff and it has a very surprising similarity to ironman by avon. IKR but sniff them side by side u will be shocked.

  16. Fragrance Bros.

    lol i guess it depends on your needs and expectations. one thing is for sure: this scent rocks. :)

  17. Hey- 4 to 6 hours longevity for a fresh scent isn t too bad, is it?? I love that scent!

  18. Beautiful scent!!! So is homme l'eau.

  19. Fragrance Bros.

    actually, we havent tried that one yet. of course, we both disagree slightly with the 5/5 rating, but we both do agree that Homme is a great fragrance. we've heard that the Intense version is not as good, so we're a little reluctant to try its flankers

  20. Wow!!! 5 out of 5!!! what's your take on the guerlain homme l'eau boisee? is it really an improvement of the original like others say?

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