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Guerlain Homme by Guerlain | Fragrance Review

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  1. I want the intense version

  2. raidernationcali

    I own set sail st barts so is this different enough to get or should I pass on it since its so similar?

  3. Thanks for the review! Any chances to review L'homme Ideal? Love this fragrance, very interested in your opinion:)

  4. Hi Cody, I bought a bottle of this (100 ml !) today but it doesn't have the shiny metallic body but a clear one that shows the juice… It smells as described and as the notes suggest on fragrantica and really good too, and lasts well but doesn't project much. I hope I don't have a fake. Could I? check cosmetic did verify the code though.

  5. This scent has been reformulated. It is sold in a clear bottle now and I'm not talking about lea boisee version. the new formulation has lost some of the lime note is toned down which sucks but still very good they should really leave these good ones alone. 

  6. nice reviewe  and much respect to u brother. i would like to ask u did someone make your cologne shelf in the background or u purchased it because i'm a subscribe to you and a few others on great smelling scents.i will be looking out for the new summer post and keeping u posted..thnx akbar

  7. Hey +dracdoc , great review. Do u also have the Intense? Would like to hear some comparison. 
    thx for all the vids

  8. I wear this at the office all the time. Its a nice fresh fragrance.

  9. I ttried intense and didn't like it the lime top is not as detectable

  10. block this


  12. SOTD: Creed Virgin Island Water

    Good luck with your move amigo

  13. Love the boozy vibe

  14. If you like the less boozy and more minty/lime version, get the Guerlain Homme L'eau. It's the frosted glass bottle with no metal plate in the front.

  15. Great job like always

  16. Could you possibly look into reviewing the new Uomo by Zegna? I was interested in purchasing it, but I wanted your opinion on it.


  17. Do you know Guerlain Eau Boisee?Can you review it

  18. Ulysses Montague

    Thanks Cody for another great review. Have you ever thought about doing a review on Giorgio Armani – Armani Code and Armani Code Ultimate? I am curious to hear your perspective on these two colognes.

  19. Well…its really quite simple. Everyone gets different longevity from fragrances based on their skin. I don't think its reformulated. I know some people who get 4 hours from Le'Male & Angel Men.. two known powerhouses. It's all about your skin.

  20. SOTD: Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée, Check it out!

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