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GUCCI PREMIERE….Gucci Perfume Ad featuring Blake Lively

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  1. MovieScenesHorror

    Xoxo…. Serena Van Der Woodsen 😉 #GossipGirl

  2. love the glass house looking into the golden city lights.

  3. Interesting, but a bit difficult.

  4. Cette meuf c la perfection 😍


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  7. lovely

  8. i don't get it. whats with the city view and then the next thing you know, blake is in the dessert kindah like place??? wwhhuuuttt??

    Charlotte Casiraghi's ad for gucci is way way better!

  9. i didn't understand the concept.

  10. Publisher: Gucci
    Audience: Women
    Purpose: To persuade the watcher to buy Gucci

  11. I always wished I had a lower hairline…. All those wishes just evaporated when I saw her face, she is gorgeous but dat hairline is bad

  12. Nicolas Winding Refn?!


  14. I know the house!! This is famous star house which he rented to some fashion companies

  15. beautiful video<3

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