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Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci | Fragrance Review

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  1. there is not even a slight sweetness at all!!

  2. sweet like apple pie but last about 20mins to an hr on me unfortunately and low projection for me as well..

  3. This Frag Is In My Top 5 Favorite Ever, And Probably Will Be For Ever On my Top 5 Lol. Feels So Safe And Light But Different And Unique And  Still Projects Tho, Just A Beast It Just Doesn't Last Too Long On Me, Just Like 5 Hours On My Skin Its A Spring, Fall And Summer Frag. But Never The Less Just One Of The Best Ever Made In The World… Cheers From Venezuela!! Great Vid Bro!!

  4. A little late I know haha but I just smelt this fragrance today..
    & dang im sold lol. Awesome reviews man love how you give vivid details 

  5. This was the only blind buy bottle out of my 25 bottles I absolutely hate!!!! I don't no why

  6. I've had this since 08 and I like it but it's slightly to feminine smelling for me and also the smell can be kinda nauseating/headachea inducing, atleast for me. 

  7. You sold me at "durable bottle."

  8. Rachel doesn't like much of anything. You should ask her about the much hyped Aventus. See what she says :). 

  9. Sally is a cutie

  10. Last of a Dying Breed

    Me and my buds have a saying….Spray the gucci, she'll give up the coochi!

  11. Gucci pour homme 2 or Armani code edt?

  12. Good review. One of my favorite designer fragrance.

  13. I paid 80 for mine well with tax it came to that lol.

  14. amazing fragrance, LOLED when you said you can defend yourself with it, awesome review!!

  15. Ferdinand Salazar

    I ordered a bottle of this from Gucci a few months back. It smells nice but it seems to fade after about 10 minutes. If I really douse myself, it might last a few hours. It doesn't really project either. I get the feeling that they sent me an expired bottle, andat $70 that's unacceptable.

  16. Finally got a bottle of this but sadly they only had the 50 ml but grabbed my chance since it's really hard to find it here in SE Asia. I really like the smell of this, i chose this one over a tester bottle of DHI since this one's more versatile. Btw, Rachael is hot!!! 😀

  17. A masterpiece. So well blended and no other fragrance attracts women more!!!

  18. lmao stings the nostrils

  19. I get a strong woody vibe off of it immediately after the first note blast, which is very sugar cherry for me. After that, it's all woody for me all the way. And then I can't smell it on my skin after 4 hours. And by woody I mean pencil wood. Like shavings from a pencil sharpener

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