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Gucci Pour Homme I by Gucci Cologne/Fragrance Review (2003)

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  1. yess man who like woody fragrance this is the good but i like gucci pour homme 2 more i have both nice review

  2. I just got a bottle of this and it smells amazing. The opening is like walking into a woodshop, then the drydown takes place after about one hour and the drydown is AMZING.  I will continue to watch internet for more bottles, but they makes your wallet cry when you buy one..  200-400$ for a bottle.

  3. Masterpiece!!! One of the best drydowns in the history of perfumery!

  4. Blind buy for me. Smells like tommy bahama

  5. I just picked this up from tj Max for 37 bucks

  6. Anyone who knows where to get this bottle nowdays?. Ebay's out.

  7. Love this edt

  8. Was there 2 different bottle designs for this??

  9. This is a great fragrance, to bad they discontinued it.

  10. I love this edt..it lasts forever.

  11. it's 90% incense :-) I love it!!!!

  12. you are very welcome :) i will try to think about other fragrance's you might like that are sweet

  13. thnx bro u were absolutely right my girl loves me even more now

  14. Thanks, man! This is a classy review. I'm looking into creating my own scents right now and I've always been drawn to that woody quality. I've heard a lot of hype around this particular fragrance because of its cedar note, so I'm using it as a base for my own "recipe". Thanks again!

  15. black xs, trust me i used to wear black xs in high school and works like magic, chicks used to sniff me till the back seat of my chevy 😉
    i rarely wear black xs now it doesnt match what i do or wear but still brings back memories everytime i sniff it, go buy a versace man by versace put on a safe place and unbox it when you turn 18 and if you didnt pick the hottest chick i will buy it from you double the price lol

  16. trust me smells nothing like dirty english, i did a swap for my dirty english and got gucci pour homme, they just look alike

  17. hey marc im 15 almost 16 and im into sweet fragrances eg one million and jean paul gaultier le male what fragrance would you recommend

  18. Marc, how 'bout a new review on this masterpiece?!!!! :)

  19. Hey, home depot is the shit! Lol smelling like home depot isn't so bad. I'm looking for this then. Jk, but I will get this since its discontinued.

  20. My favorite, wish if they wouldn't discontinue it

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