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Gucci Guilty Review! Just okay.

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  1. I just found your channel while looking for Tom Ford reviews. You guys are great! Very entertaining and informative. Keep up the great vids!

  2. how long should it last ?! i mean the perfume

  3. yeah, that's a common problem with smelling scents on paper. since your skin is warm, it progresses through the transitions of the fragrance naturally. paper is just room temp, so it doesnt change. some talk about skin chemistry, but that's highly debatable. bottom line: you arent crazy, we just have to judge a fragrance on skin and not solely on paper

  4. Guys please help me here. I smell the lemon on paper and I love it, but on my skin it smells totally different and I hate it. What is going on? Anyone else get that?

  5. Not a horrible scent but it's sweet and boring.

  6. The intense version is okay. But this is way more of a synthetic mess than 1 Million in my opinion. But different strokes for different noses :)

  7. What's that face again at 5:46? =D

  8. I have a mini. I've tried to like it. Can't. More and more men's scents are getting sickeningly gummy and over the top sweet. Yuck. Guilty Intense is much better, but still, pass.

  9. What do you think of the women's Gucci Guilty?

  10. You guys are way too funny! Lol

  11. Great video, Thanks !

  12. Bought it after girlfriend said it smelled sooo good and I like it :) It's a good scent, good longevity decent projection, people pleaser, good for spring and summer, I think it was created and marketed in order to become a bestseller however I doubt it will reach it's desired status :)
    Anyway thx for the review guys looking forward to more, keep em coming !! take care bye

  13. Amazing review bros!!!!! Keep them coming. Not too crazy about this one, but not the worst in the game either. Cheers!

  14. Not tried it, probably wont,
    The intense version may be worth a try though,
    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers Broooooooos!!

  15. Guilty of the worst joke in internet history!

  16. BTW, Im not a huge box guy or bottle guy, but the Box and Bottle look pretty tacky and cheap to me.

  17. Is it really that bad? No. Is it worth the "Gucci" name & price (whatever that means)? no. Somewhere in the middle of the road fragrance, if it came in a 3.4 oz and was a bit more economical I would rate it a tad bit higher. Does well in spring, in my opinion.

  18. Cheese level: over 9000. Haha good vid guys!! Didnt like this scent in the slightest

  19. Too bad they never continued the Gucci I and Gucci II line. Bottles were nice and the juice was great.

  20. I didn't like it and the wife didn't like it either when we had a sniff @ the local Nordstrom…

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