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Gucci Guilty Fragrance Review

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  1. Omg my husband has this fragrance and I Love it hecomes from work 9 hrs lata and I still smell it on him…. Great review as always luv ya

  2. I love this fragrance good to actually see bottles and you spraying them … reviewers no longer showing them Gucci guilty and intense smell good to me love them both they last forever on me

  3. Rio always good to see new stuff from you…..let us know what you think of the Black flanker once you get a whiff

  4. biobele william-west

    I hate all Gucci guilty cologne. the worst fragrance line that Gucci ever produced

  5. It's good,but I prefer Gucci Guilty Black. For me it smells WAY better but performance is still the same..


    The women's version was a no for me. I must say I did enjoy the men's but on my guy it didn't last more than 2 hours when we were out. he is one that many scents don't last on though. I like the opening in this alot though.

  7. AGentlemansJourney

    I personally like it. Nothing special but still decent.

  8. It was a let down for me. I have just not been impressed with Gucci for years. Have you smelled Envy? Now that was a magnificent offering from the house. Wonderful review Rio…you are always a pleasure to watch.

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