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Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Black Perfume Reviews~ Wednesday Wonders

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  1. Kristen Shepherd

    I feel like the gucci guilty scent doesn't last long on me. Anyone else feel like the scent wears off too quickly??

  2. You're so cute!

  3. Shawn K (Candylady77sk)

    My boyfriend bought this for me and I love love love love love it?oh and I subscribed to you because yes I like your videos 

  4. I love your channel, great review!

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gucci Guilty!  It's become my everyday scent, replacing Juicy Couture Viva Juicy which I love!

  6. Girl!! Better check out prices on ebay before you pay that full price at sephora. Save some cash!! Lol love your videos. :) 

  7. Oh gawd I was just cracking up. Love this video. You're so adorable. 

  8. So funny!

  9. hahah i love u gurl ur a trip!!! i loveee GG!! it smells sooo good!!

  10. So funny..Great Video 

  11. Sexy, full throttle femininity, explosive encounter?  Lol girl, looks like we're gonna have to get a rating assigned to your channel.  I'm thinking at least PG-13, possibly even R!  Melissa

  12. I never smelled the perfume for Gucci Guilty, but the men's cologne in Gucci Guilty the original is out this world I love it. I'm more of a body spray kind of girl I like body spray because the smell dissipates over time, I'm still looking for that one perfume that doesn't give me a headache over time. I'm going to get a sample, next time I'm out;) great review;)

  13. Brandee Fernandez

    Good thing I just turned 18! ;p haha. 

  14. I love the cat eye today!

  15. Lol!!! This was so funny! I loved it. :)

  16. Ohhhh. Forgot…. I got a sample of the Gucci in the brown top??? It's nice!!! 

  17. I just love your videos! You are so much fun!

  18. I like you…

  19. crazzziiibabee14

    '' If you get it and don't have a man, I promise it's going to get you one, if you want one. We as women don't always need men but if you want your man put on some Gucci guilty black, you heard the description''  Omg, i'm cracking up. I replayed that part till the end of the video a few times, haha! Your always making me smile/laugh. I love your personality so much. I'll have to go out and smell it out 😛 (: lol thank you! xoxoo

  20. your review was so funny, im dieing to get the guilty

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