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Gucci Flora Perfume Review

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  1. Your review was very helpful. Please make more videos!

  2. 75ml ?

  3. @iheartchoo2 ..you have got the edp version

  4. How come mine has a gold lid? :s

  5. I don't care about your reviews. I just want to see your pecs bounce.

  6. maribel villarreal

    that's not the perfume that's the eau the toilette

  7. youuuuu hoooooooooooooot! very hot

  8. @sullykillsully awwww

  9. littlemisscutieist

    i love this perfume its so nice nd stays on all day

  10. suliman aljabbary

    when ever i smell this it turns me on
    i had my first kiss and my girlfriend was wearing it

  11. My name is Flora, I have bought all the products (:
    I think it smells beautiful.

  12. I love 'Gucci Flora'! Such a lovely scent for spring/summer!

  13. I love the scent is sooooo freaking good :) feminine sexy! love it!

  14. The advert creeps me out :L

  15. Zaireeza Hashim MacNamara

    Nice.. any Facebook to join?

  16. Great video – i just bought this for my girlfriend for christmas, i hope she likes it! do you think she will??

  17. perfumevideoreviews

    Thank you! :) Have a great day <

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