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Gucci Envy Me – WinterRose’s Nose Perfume Review

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  1. I LOVEEEE this perfume….luv it luv it..

  2. KendraChristinexx

    I bought this on a blind buy, and was really sad that I didn't like it…  It was really expensive so I'll try and sell it. I really wanted to love it, but sadly… I didn't :(

  3. Please tell me what the sticker on the bottom of the bottle have on it

  4. Please tell me what e

  5. This is such a great review! very informative and helpful.
    Please keep doing it. xx (:

  6. you would love Live in Love by oscar de la renta

  7. you should try the perfume Elle Saab

  8. I love how you describe it, you're really good at it!

  9. could you do a review on the original guess seductive for women perfume???

  10. £96.00 for a perfume, oh my god i would never spend that much on a perfume lol
    still loving these perfume reviews though :)
    can you get that coconut gwen stefani one (forgot what it's called) in the UK? cause ive never seen it xx

  11. Are there smaller sizes available? I love the smell of this I just haven't bought it because of the price.

  12. This perfume is for noobs , buy jacob duff“s

  13. I love ur perfume videos! specially reviews
    how many perfumes do you think you have in all??

  14. Have yet to smell this one but I will give it a smell next time I am in the store. My curiosity is peaked now. Would love to hear some escada perfume reviews. Maybe the taj sunset if you have it?

  15. love ur makeup!!!

  16. sounds wonderful

  17. interesting bottle.

  18. your accent sooooo soothing 😀

  19. I actually went to smell this one in the store because I knew you loved it! Hehe! Love from the USA!!

  20. love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this…just finished mine i need 2 get another :)…defintely gonna do the pink pepper this time :)…thank u fer this review video

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