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Gucci by Gucci Sport Pour Homme by Gucci Fragrance/Cologne Review (2010)

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  1. I smelled it at the department store, and I remember liking it very much. I will try it again.

  2. Nice review !  this fragrance smells clean but as you said for some people it could be boring, for me is peaceful, a little too quite, versatile but not dynamic, it's missing energy. I tried it on a hot summer day 28 C with humidity, after 2 hours it vanished, it's unique but it didn't work for me.

  3. Marc, so good to see you after a very very long time…. I'm your fellow Canuck in Richmond Hill… Forgive me, but with all these different guys doing reviews now- it gets kind of inundating if you know what I mean…. I'd LIJE to thank you for your advice over the years: as a result, I ended up getting the Xerjoff 1861….. I lived it so much, I ended up buying the Oesel, Nio & Uden in that line as well. My next and possibly LAST purchases will be: Bleu De Chanel, Roja By Roja Dove, Bergamot Extrait by Roja Dove, Coive a Christian 1872 & Creed Jardin D'Amalfi/Spice & Wood… You've inspired so many.., I just hope they exercise good judgement and not put themselves in the poorhouse trying to emulate you???❗️❗️❗️

  4. Nice review! But I previously owned this a nice smell wasn't anything that wowed me though bought it from Macy's ended up giving it away to my ex girlfriend younger brother.

  5. Juan-Ramon Badillo

    i see a chic shaik bottle in the background (thats why i ask) lol

  6. Juan-Ramon Badillo

    any reviews on Chic Shaik comming soon? would love to hear your take on no.70

  7. Great review, you should review Bleu De Chanel although I'm sure most everyone already smelled it…

  8. Hey, Marc
    Did you get a basil note in this?
    Cause I did get a huge, natural basil note in the opening.
    Strange, but I did. 

  9. All those Guccis are overpriced exept for Gucci pour homme 2. That one really stands out for the quality you get.

  10. I vote for more By Killians…great review as usual. 

  11. I love my CHANEL SPORT!!!!!

  12. I'm picking this one up. I've never considered this line until your spotlight. 

  13. I think I might pick a 50 ml of this up for this summer. 25-30 bucks is not too shabby and I love orange in my summer scents. 

    Thanks Marc! 

  14. Hey, can you make a review on Pulp by Byredo please, having thoughts on buying it, thanks.

  15. Brandon Wilkerson

    Hey man I just wanted to know how you factor price into your reviews. Obviously things like aventus (to most noses) are going to be ten type ratings, however insurrection pure II (don't know if you've got your nose on it before) is going to be lower considerably due to lower quality cuz of the price . That being said it's a ten in my book because it's only $20. So I was wondering if you already factor in price or if you maybe could do an A and B type group like under $100 fragrances and over $100 fragrances. Only reason I say this is because I look over a lot of cheaper fragrances knowing you give them lower ratings but considering for the price some might be worth picking up. Let me know what you think my man!!!

  16. Bleu de Chanel,review?

  17. is it as good as Dior homme sport or chanel sport?

  18. hey can i get your thoughts on the new cologne Gentlemen Only by Givenchy i'm hearing a lot of good things about it

  19. Gucci guilty made it the first and last Gucci purchase. Bvlgari house is way better.

  20. Great job bro. I appreciate all the vids coming out this season. U r getting me back into the frag game!!!

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