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Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Fragrance Review

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  1. David Martin Davies

    Thank you for an informed and intelligent review of this.  I love this fragrance and I agree with your perspective.

  2. TheMadMurdurBlend

    can you do nicole miller for men

  3. Well said friend, Cheers!

  4. I agree, it's a tad bit overpriced tho. & of course the performance issues are just a major pain to deal with lol Thnx bro!

  5. BUahahahahahahaaa U aint lying bout that longevity bro, but I'll challenge u on the fact that this is a 10times better smelling green tobacco scent than D&G Pour Homme. To me it's reminiscent of D&G The One, great smelling sweet tobacco frag with shit performance. What's really interesting is that theyr both made by the exact same beauty house – P&G! Happy Thanksgiving bro, and please stop smoking crack 😛 (jus jk) Cheers!

  6. good review bro, but i have to say, this is literally one of the WORST fragrances in this history of time. there's absolutely nothing going on in it, and it lasts for shit. creed longevity puts this crap to shame lol

  7. Great review, bro. A very understated fragrance due to the predecessors in the Gucci house, if it was released by another designer house it would get much more love. A very easy to wear fragrance.

  8. thnX Doc

  9. Criminally overlooked in the community. I love this stuff. It was my last signature scent before I started seriously collecting.

    Women LOVE this shit. End of story.

  10. THnX bro, & I cant wait to see yur vids! Cheers

  11. Great vid Lupe…I have this bottle as well…yes…you really have to spray it heavy to get it to last…and even then it still lacks a bit….great smell though. I like the tempo of your vids…you speak well…a natural. Take care bro…I may be doing some vids myself soon.

  12. Nice review man!

  13. Bo, as usual, yur taste cant be beat! The L'ouvre Noire Collection is really killin it in the compliment game. Sweet Redemption has been King lately, and A Taste is creeping up. I should put out some content on the new collection, but Im waiting till March when a couple more will be released. Cheers friend!

  14. ThnX for the support Delly-Dell! I know yur cooking up some'n real big, always looking forward to yur contributions to the community. Cheers & keep up the great work!

  15. Great review, Lupe. Nothing's ever a question about your take on fragrance. I like this one, however, I find spraying very little works best for me.

    By the way, Love by Kilian is getting me tons of compliments! Shouts to you and DGreg!

  16. ThnX George, uve got a great nose. Cheers!

  17. yeah, actually it isnt Gucci that makes the perfumes lol Its the same Beauty company that makes D&G, Escada, HUGO BOSS – it's P&G (Proctor & Gamble). I want to get into it, but it wouldve made the vid longer. It's similar to D&G The One, in that it smells great, but doesnt last. it smells like D&G Pour Homme, but 10x better. Good affordable option.

  18. thnX, means a lot coming from u. Cheers

  19. Yo, i also love this fragrance , and i highly recomend it and it is under rated ! great review bro !

  20. your reviews are always put together well. I like the evolution graphic at the end. Impressive.

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