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Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci Cologne Fragrance Review (2008)

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  1. Trevette Chambers

    Great smell. 

  2. Ben Lee that's exactly why I bought this cologne because it does remind me of Ralph Lauren Romance silver

  3. how can you tell if its real or fake because i got some for christmas??

  4. I like this smell

  5. A lot of people compare this scent to Ralph Lauren Romance Silver. Do you think they are similar? Especially since Romance Silver has been discontinued.

  6. If you like gucci by gucci why do you want to buy another one that smells like it?

  7. 8 out of 10 is too much

  8. Weird how you say that it is a winter fragrance, out of all the fall winter fragrances I have this is the one I decided to use for spring and summer instead.. It smells more fresh to me than something warm that I would like for cold weather..

  9. accidentely bought the AS version, but smells great, also before bedtime and my wife loves the smell very much too. I am sure gonna buy the EDT, love the soapy neutral little sweet clean not too flowery smell. Not too strong in the nose.

  10. I like it, but i wanted more from it. The smells gets too overpowerig at times.

  11. I just bought g cologne same smell 5 bucks

  12. What perfumes can I buy that smell like Gucci by Gucci on the niche perfume

  13. i just bought this yesterday because i think it's one of the best choices for work and i'm doing an internship in september where i'll be working with a lot of people so i'm preparing for that and snagged a bottle of this and versace pour homme specifically for that month of working with a lot of people. i think it's pretty solid

  14. What did he say?

  15. What's your favorite fragrance

  16. This stuf is too strong

  17. surprisingly i narrowed my choices down for this buy to gucci by gucci pour homme OR lanvin arpege pour homme

  18. after unpacking and such, the one fiasco i like about this one. . may not be the most unique ever…I love the leather accord which you have to be able to recognize after getting past the sweet level. peace!

  19. …china

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