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Green Beauty Review — Holiday Gift Guide — Aveda Ancient Attar

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Aveda Body Care 8.5 Oz Replenishing Body Moisturizer For Women

  • Aveda
  • Health / Beauty
  • Skincare
Enriched with blend of vitamins, natural humectants & oil Delivers refreshing aroma combined with pure plant & flower essences Replenishes moisture to soften dry, stressed skin Lightweight & quickly penetrates to skin Makes skin feeling smooth, dewy fresh & comfortable

List Price: $ 28.00 Price: $ 89.99

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  1. hi, i'm korean.. currently living in india. i love the products from aveda. i have few now.. though i haven't used any perfumes from aveda and i want them now. so i was searching for it so now i'm watching you vid. and.. yeah, in india, some cities of this country some developed some not and specially about perfume? never. there's only typical brands like Kenzo, bv..gary..(spell;;).. etc so i decided to go for a natural frangrance and first thing i tought of was aveda.

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