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Good men colognes??

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  1. This presentation is wrong in every way possible

  2. The Butchering of the names made this fun to watch. 

  3. venkatraman raguraman

    This is very disappointing. The picks are quite bad.

  4. I use my own brand of Fart if a girl can,t like my beef scent ..her loss

  5. Allure

  6. why so many down votes?

  7. Its Joop is pronounced like yope their is know J sound It's a Y sound and it sounds like dope not like Jupiter.

  8. Because you don't guys cologne, you can't pronounce it?  I don't eat meat, chicken, or drive a Ferrari I can pronounce them!

  9. Savyasachi Choudhary

    get real

  10. Savyasachi Choudhary

    ur retarded

  11. I love your accent, reminds me of Iggy Azalea(not her rapping voice lol)

    Your way cuter than Iggy though!

  12. your accent!!!! I love it!

  13. Do you like Chrome united it's a type of men's colon?

  14. Thank you so WD 40 Bad now I know ! so Calvin or Tommy cool thanks men we don't have a clue ! good stuff !

  15. Nice video :)

  16. Great! let me know hope you enjoy :)

  17. Thanks babe! i'll have to go check it out when im shopping next 😀

  18. Curve for Men is the best youll love it like i do Im a colgne kinda doll so i got this

  19. Thank you! yeah its so good!!!

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