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Glossybox vs. Boudoir Prive

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  1. Group sex = "Boudoir Prive" (French)

  2. i could not find the tutorial video for the make up here. could you please tell which video is it (if it is still up)? thank you so much!!!

  3. Really useful as I wanted to try the other box as I am subscribed to glossybox! Thanks!

  4. Good review, I received the same products in my Glossybox this month – which I paid for. I currently get the Boudoir Prive Box also and a couple of the products were of no use to me in that box such as the blotting paper which was chalky and the eye pencil which was silver. (just not my colour) October will be the last month I subscribe to both and I'll choose just one sub to continue with, based on Octobers boxes. x

  5. filthygorgeousmakeup

    @thetips131 I work in financial services.

  6. filthygorgeousmakeup

    @bijaseed I do indeed have a tut for this look and it will be up very soon hun :). xx

  7. I love your makeup in this video! Have you done a tutorial on it? If not, I'd love to see one. Thanks for the great videos as always!!!

  8. What is your job? Xx

  9. filthygorgeousmakeup

    @ooglemakeup Glad you found it useful honey! Lovely to see you last week! xx

  10. Thanks, great comparison! I had been wondering about these so that was most useful xx

  11. **Does anyone happen to know if this kind of thing is available in Australia?

  12. Confessingshopaholic

    I have the glossy box at the moment I was considering subscribing to the boudior prevee but I don't think I will now I have seen this video :) Do you know where we can buy Zoya nail polish in the uk? x

  13. @filthygorgeousmakeup in Germany it's the same! the you tubers always get better boxes than the "normal" people. :-/

  14. @xmeerzx you are not obliged to do a video about

  15. @starryxblue It might be just my luck :)

  16. @ohfaciq I got the exact same Glossybox and I don't make videos or have a blog…

  17. You kind of remind me of Donald Trumps wife.

    However, you are WAY more beautiful and natural!

    Us Eastern European looking girls are all the rage you know! XD

  18. @xmeerzx a wanna se what u would if u would be her. jsut saying.

  19. Great review! I get both and really should only get one but I just know if I cancel one one month it will be a great box and I'll miss out!

  20. filthygorgeousmakeup

    @ohfaciq I hope not! Each one is different so everyone gets slightly different variations of products. xx

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