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Givenchy”Organza”(1996)-Fragrance review

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  1. Luz montoya angulo

    No se como abrir para usarlo

  2. i'm 25 and yes it's my favourite perfume <3 loved the review 

  3. My name is Yasmin think I should buy this!! :-) I remember smelling this was nice can't remember much was a young teen when I was given sample in Paris 

  4. Scott n Jade Bienvenu

    Great review! I'm 22 and I'm INLOOOVE with this perfume! I bought mine from ebay after watching your video.  Made sure it's the vintage bottle. 

  5. I'll bet!The original is so sexy!I smelled the new version @Ulta&they have ruined it.Look for older bottles with the frosted front,those r the original formula.Thanks for watching:)

  6. I used to use this when I was 21 and I was a very popular girl.

  7. Yes the bottle was designed by Serge Manseau,the fragrance was created by Sophie Labbe.Very elegant bottle.:)

  8. Diana's Make up World

    I really like the bottle of this one. The best thing about perfume is the great bottles!

  9. It totally is gorgeous!:)

  10. Ooooh sounds gorgeous! YUM YUM!

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