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Givenchy “Ange Ou Demon” Fragrance Review

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  1. GREAT review!!! I have Ange ou Demon Le Secret and recently purchased GIVENCHY Dahlia Noir eau de toilette which is my latest obsession… I am wanting to try the EDP version of Dahlia Noir but I am afraid to buy it because others find the scent very polarizing. I'd like to know what you think about it. I hope you can include it in one of your reviews…

  2. I ordered it online. Do you think my mother will like it? Some people say it is too heavy. I haven`t smelled it yet.

  3. StellaDiverFlynn

    It sounds really beautfiul on you! On me the saffron seems a bit too sharp, and the magic between vanilla and flowers is not there. I did not enjoy it. :(

  4. Damda sztuka lew

    My perfume is Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent. I'm French and I live in France, so I don't know if you can find it because for .e it's hard. But you really need to smell this one! It's smell so good with some notes that a lot of perfume didn't have. I really recommend it. Good continuation. I love your videos. They're great. I happy to see a man talking about perfumes!! Thank you so much!!! ;D

  5. I wore this perfume for several years. It smells fantastic, thinking of getting it again because it is so interesting.

  6. Jennie Georgiades

    Thanks for this review! I love the "two layers" bit, I can see where your coming from there. It is kinda nose-baffling! I have this and love it but have never worn it around people I know or family as I'm not sure if it's well- received? I wear it out shopping. Am curious to hear, what did others think when you wore this? 

  7. The Perfume Podium

    Great review ;-)

  8. Never smelled this one. The mix of notes sound very strange yet intriguing. I must smell this one. Thanks for the review

  9. i think this perfume has a 'split personality'…lol…i have a love hate relationship with this perfume. the plasticy vanilla really bother me, but whenever i see this on store i sniff it…???…lol. great review! tnx!

  10. A seller was sellinv a discontinued scent from Avon, depending on how good it is I may use it.

  11. ….sorry, nice shirt.

  12. My Lord! I had a friend who used this scent and now I'm thinking of her, you YouTube reviewers keep doing this to me….such memories. My God, I can smell her now and this has now brought a smile to my face, Christmas is coming and I think I should get In touch, I wonder how life has turned out for her?

  13. Ok, I need to give this another try. Great review.

  14. I had been looking forward to this review! Thanks :)

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