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Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio Profumo

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Red was launched by the design house of Giorgio Beverly Hills. This product is a fragrance item that comes in retail packaging. It is recommended for casual wear.

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  1. NWOsupportersRdbags

    The Acqua di Gio deodorant body spray always smelled better to me than the regular EDT. I'll have to check out the EDP.

  2. To be honest I own both you'll be happy with either one I love them but I'm starting to like the perfumo more

  3. is 360 degrees red better? is the sillage of 360 degrees red enough for the Club?

  4. Ramma mohamed outeiba

    yeee great parfum i have one

  5. sexy bitch or sexy beach? lol igot it. great vidz

  6. Just got mine today. I compared it alongside ADG Essenza & the Essenza smells more feminine & flowery but projects stronger than Profumo. Profumo smells more masculine

  7. Anyone wondering, the song is.
    'Poolside Next To You'

  8. what season is best for this fragrance

  9. Sexy bitch??lol

  10. that dry down is just so mouth watering

  11. yo jeremy thanks for the review .. it's become like routine before I buy a cologne I look in your channel to if you reviewed it already … defetnetly getting this one

  12. Hi Jeremy Love your channel and I am now a subscriber. Your newer videos are also
    very professional.

  13. Excellent review Jeremy, looking for something different to add to my collection, not got any Armani, looks like that may change!

  14. What do u pick.?? Aquia di gio profumo or Chanel Allure xtreme?

  15. Thanks for the review :)

  16. This guy is the definition of a d bag. But I need to know if this cologne is good.

  17. I F"#$"# Love your hair (Y), nice review by the way xD

  18. Versatility?

  19. I actually have all three acqua di gio's. I find the profumo to have alot sharper smell throughout the day.

  20. Hey Jeremy new subscriber here. I like your videos, your videos with you reviewing them all through is funny But I like the videos when you talk about the fragrance, then go out to talk about the fragrance with women, then rate it. That sort of video gives more detail and more of a youtube talk vid if you know what I mean lol its like you have your own show when you do it that way.

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