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Get Dirty With Dolce And Gabbana The One Perfume

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  1. I am 19 years old and I have this. 

  2. I'm 20 and I adore this scent. My mother used to wear it in her mid 30s but it smells very different on me. But I think I do get what you mean about being a "mature" scent! It's definitely not a bubble gum/cotton candy type smell!

  3. One of the best perfumes out there

  4. "eau"="O" hehe 😉

  5. AfroAngloFrenchie Chick

    i've been wearing this perfumee since i was 15. It comes out lvanilla and peachy on my skin so it really smells nice. Everyone asks me what i'm wearing everytime I wear it.

    My parents love it. It's now a ME smell :)

  6. Lol your right its my signature perfume as well thanks for the comment sweetie

  7. I'm 21 and this is my signature perfume, but I get what you are saying, it's probably made for more mature women, but I can't stay away from the lovely scent 😀

  8. @moukur Thank you so much sweetie pie

  9. @turner524 I wanted to smell that one never got around to it yet but i will

  10. @supercuteism Thats what i use to do as well

  11. @nasimhesam Thank you sweetheart

  12. The One Rose is one of my faves.

  13. hair and makeup on point.

  14. @passionatereader77 Ill do that soon give it away knowing me and thank you so much

  15. @ashlimaze Aww thank you sweetheart i hope you really like those earrings

  16. @BeautyMarkMakeup Thank you so much my lovely

  17. @TheYumKitty No i havnt tried Miss Cherie Dior L'eau ima have to go smell that and Hanae Mori see you making me go to the fragrance counter. I an trying to be good with not buying a lot again. ima tell my mommy on you lol

  18. @GrlzPPWenDeCMe LOL i so feel you on that

  19. passionatereader isme

    I had this n gave the rest to my cuz but I like it. U look nice as usual

  20. im sure a ton of people already told you but your hair looks great

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