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Gaultier madame perfume agyness deyn

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  1. idiottt blesssaaav neumen stupiddddddddddddddd x 10000000000000

  2. I love it!!

  3. FINALLY! In the name of everything fashionable and chic, I FINALLY HAVE THIS PERFUME! Smells so good….hmmm….

  4. ♥♥♥♥

  5. María Catalina .Echeverry

    In case anybody is wondering the song is called 3eme sexe by Miss Kittin

  6. Haha, it seems so! But she's only 5'8''

  7. O
    | |
    | |
    | |

  8. this will forever be my fav ad!!!! it never gets old, it screams FASHION!!!!!

  9. love this! want this perfume!

  10. Tell you guys one thing…I WATCH THIS AD EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!

  11. i was just chilling looking at a hair blog nbd when i saw this and almost pissed myself because ren from nu'est did the same thing omg im cry :')

  12. she's my girl crush <3

  13. this is by far still the sexiest advert ive ever seen.

  14. nice, she has captured the feel of it.

  15. I'm a kpop fan and a BIG fan of Agyness and I actually looked up this vid as soon as I saw that clip of REN hahaha cant believe someone actually thought the same thing I did! hahahaha

  16. The song is by Indochine originally, I must to add) this is cover)))
    Agyness is really great here *__*

  17. Check out JPG in our video boys and girls 😉

  18. @downthestreetteam And these things happen in the "civilized world" also… /watch?v=StFdTscxogw – Now you're obviously free to (still) buy fur, but after watching these videos, if that wasn't the case, you will know exactly what you wear and where your money goes.

  19. @downthestreetteam Time to open your eyes or your heart if you have one. This is how fur is made: /watch?v=OyVceD9Rzkc& — not so glamour uh?

  20. agyness deyn in this ad was enough for me go out and buy the perfume- which happens to smell fucking amazing.

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