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Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance/Cologne Review (2005)

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  1. Has this been reformulated?? I've heard its much weaker now :-(

  2. I love ''Gaultier 2'', also my mom loves it, we wear it time at time. But I also love ''Le Male'' & ''Kokorico'', I'm a huge fan of those three fragrances by Jean Paul…

  3. I'm a woman and I got this as a blind buy after this video, absolutly love it!

  4. The amber is great, dries down to Prada Amber.

  5. Way to many frags just whisper!

  6. ThunderHeadVideos

    Gautier2 is just a beautiful fragrance. My now-husband bought it for our wedding day, and DAMN. It's gorgeous. Very androgynous, sweet but not too much. The only one available was the single 40ml, but the couple of bottles is kinda cute.

    Great reviews by the way!

  7. Gaultier2 was one of my favourite fragrances for a long time. I got such a warm feeling from it and never smelt anything like it before.

    But I bought a bottle that had a soapy base note to it. A bad batch maybe, but it was so offputting and I've not risked buying it again.

  8. Great frag.. strong as shit! Will take you 350 years to go through 120 mls!

  9. Great Review Marc , personally one of the best blind buys I have purchased in recent months.. think it gets looked over because its branded Unisex. Either way, an amazing scent, plus it's quite cheap 😀

  10. I bought this one for myself, blind buy, the burnt vanilla is what I get, its more a mysterious, religious sweetness that it has. Anyways, I have the 120ml EDP and I'm glad I have something unique. Lets see the compliment factor later on! Wish me luck Guru!

  11. How about a review on JPG KoKoRiCo fragrance?

  12. great fragrance.

  13. I bought this from your good the band and the ugly review of it. I love it just like I love all the JPG frags that I have.

  14. This would be good for my collection since I don't really have a vanilla bomb outside of pure havane,but of course that juice is gettin low.. Great review!

  15. I spy Kokorico, very interested to see that reviewed!

  16. @dedan2 it was a compliment -.-

  17. Perfect song choice @ Presentation including pictures.
    Seems your reviews are going from strength to strength.
    The Guru on form, reviews do not get better than this!!!

  18. he pronounces it correctly, how do u pronounce it?

  19. YES! The A&W rootbeer float is Exactly what I got from it too! I thought I was crazy lol!

  20. I need to check this out knock out 2 birds with one stone and come up on a bottle at the same time a gift ,right on ! On the review Marc

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