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Friday Favorites! Rose Hill, Essence, Balenciaga & More

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  1. That Essence mascara is my favorite too, but it bleeds out on me and gives me panda eyes after a short amount of time… does this happen to you too? If so, how do you deal with it? I keep wiping it off and then my makeup looks sloppy… that's sad coz that product looks SO AMAZING on the lashes. xo

  2. Rawabi Aljabbary

    What your 22 and married can we see your husband

  3. Stephanie Rivera

    I've visited There once and it's beautiful. I'm in Arizona and it's miserable here lol During the summers but it's Monsoon season here now and really cloudy and rainy so it's been nice. Another great video!! 😍


  5. Natalie Urrutia

    im falling in love with your voice and how you speak, it sounds sooo  lovely and angelic!! 😀 i love your make up look here!! :)

  6. MakeupbyStephanieL

    Yes girl rose hill is my jam! And Jaclyn hill 😍😍😍 can't get enough. I really like your hair in this video. Since I got back I haven't really wanted to go on social media since I enjoyed being internet free, but you are just too refreshing and friendly, I couldn't stay away. #loeymarathon

  7. Shannon Larochelle

    In love with your style <3!! Love that shirt!!! 

  8. Okay i neeeeed that bag

  9. Kimberly Pierce

    You should check out Trisha Paytas. She has your same views on curvy girls! 

  10. I'm a new subscriber of yours and lemme tell you that I love your videos! You are so cute!

  11. What is that lip color!! Gorgeous :)

  12. Vanessa Cevallos

    You are GORGEOUS!!!! I love your bangs pushed back because we can see that beautiful face! If you're not modeling, you need to get on it! 😊 Love and blessings sent your way. ❤️Btw, if you had to choose between the Essence mascara and the Jordana one (purple packaging), which one would you pick? I love Jordana's but I keep hearing about the Essence one recently so I'm interested in trying it. Let me know what you think. Thx! 

  13. You might not remember, but is there any chance you recall what brow product you used for this video and in what shade? Your brows are perfect (and you are just generally beautiful!) x

  14. Love the bag.

  15. Hey there! I just found your channel and think you are super cute! Do you know of any other channels like yours with someone a little older? I love your style, outfits and makeup but I am older so don't know how appropriate the clothes would be for me.
    Or maybe I should do a 35+ curvy girl channel myself! Lol
    Keep doing what you are doing… It's awesome!

  16. Whats in my bag update please!!! :) im nosey like that sorry 😛 also if you have a little makeup bag in your purse do you mind including that? I wanna see what kind of "touch up" makeup other girls tend to carry :P

  17. Laurie Weinberger

    You look really beautiful today, as always. Great video, and I always love to see in what's in anyone's bag. I always get great ideas from them and from all the videos.

  18. silversparklestudio

    Please do another what's in my purse!:) I love your videos!:) They are so inspirational!:)

  19. oh you have become such a big inspiration to me , i feel like curvy girls can definitely look gorgeous now 

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