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Free Harajuku Lovers Fragrance at Nordstrom from Seventeen Mag

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  1. tattoozombiegirl

    @harajukuloversbaby11 Artist: Momentary Sound Action Song: "Breath Machine"


  3. xxKawaiiWafflexx

    oh okie thanks u ^^

  4. tattoozombiegirl

    The homepage!!!

  5. xxKawaiiWafflexx

    so we just have to print out the seventeen august 2009 front page or the homepage? sorry it kinda confuse me :]

  6. tattoozombiegirl

    I don't know you would have to go to Nordstrom's and check… or call!!! Good Luck!

  7. tattoozombiegirl

    I don't know, wont hurt to try!!!!

  8. do you think there are still any at nordstroms or am i wayy too late?

  9. tattoozombiegirl

    Sure, no problema!!!!

  10. tell me what you think ? If its ok with you I would add the video but dont know how yet so I just linked your video =)

  11. tattoozombiegirl

    really…. cool!!!! O my way to check it out!!!

  12. tattoozombiegirl

    No prob, chica!!!!

  13. tattoozombiegirl

    Oh, really that sucks balls!!!!!

  14. I have you on my blog =)

  15. Thanks for sharing Darling =)

  16. aweee :( No nordstorm near me :/ fiddlesticks! thanks anyways. =)

  17. tattoozombiegirl

    No Problema Chica!!! Glad I reminded you!!!

  18. tattoozombiegirl

    No prob…. Hun!!!

  19. ForevernAlways559

    aww thanks girl

  20. tattoozombiegirl

    Yeah, I see that. That sucks!!! Yeah, just check out my favorites!!!

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