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Fragrances with Lex – Nightflight by Joop! (1992)

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  1. Hello, I love your reviews, straight from Africa…… between this and azzaro chrome Legend which one do u like better, and which one is more powerfull, I mean more beast mode??

  2. venkatraman raguraman

    I got a bottle of this today for 14$ (75 ml)
    I applied one spray on my upper wrist a couple of hours ago, the dry down is absolutely amazing.

  3. Could Joop Nightflight be used as a gym cologne while working out?

  4. I love nightflight!

  5. this is my FAVORITE summer scent, it reallly freshens me the heck up when the sun is melting me. it feels as if im drinking some pineapple juice, i dont even need water when im wearing this scent, its that damn freshening! I LOVE IT

    however, in colder days i feel like this one loses its touch (only at the top tho) ,because the almond will be all over it instead of the pineapple (and vice versa in the summer of course.) but still, the drydown man, that mysteriously dreamy drydown is what blows my mind everytime..

    nothing i love more than waking up and nightflight is on the drydown all over my chest/wrists. DAMN that stuff man!

    it smells somewhat yummy to me, like it's super charming when you smell it at the base you feel like you want to cuddle yourself, or you feel like more people should give tons of more credits to this masterpiece. what a classic.

    i honestly could care less about how synthetic this is, it gives me exactly what i want, and im verrry happy about it, will forever be in my collection. and honestly if i were to have a signature scent, i want the dry down of this sexy confident ass to be it.


  6. Ok lex. Just bought nightflight and cerruti 1881 today, wearing nightflight at work right now. It does have a dreamy beautiful smell, I suspect longevity could be a tad better but maybe Iam suffering from olfactory fatigue.very pleased overall, looking forward to wearing cerruti 1881.

  7. Owned a fragrance called Joop  Rococo years ago which was quite nice.  Think it's discontinued now.  But yeah, whenever I think Joop I think brash, crude and loud.  I only have to sniff the original and it's like the smell lingers in your nostrils the whole day!  I do own Versace The Dreamer and will be intrigued to try this when the warmer months come round.  Cheers for this review.  This definitely looks like a must-try!

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