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Fragrances with Lex – Jaguar For Men by Jaguar (1988)

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  1. Your right on the money with the One Man Show comparison. This smells way better on the dry down. I can't wear OMS because the basil is overpowering.

  2. Yes you done it again bro! Ha ha yeah it's the one with the brown top I am looking for. My SOTD in West Australia , Trussardi inside collectors edition. It's a cool summer day here, only 24 but 37 forecast on Friday ! Love to get you take on a Trusardi inside, great leather coffee scent , sadly I think discontinued.

  3. Glad you reviewed this as there is nothing on YouTube. It came up for sale on a Aussie website for like $16 yesterday and was tempted to buy it based on what I remember from the past. I will take your advise mate and look for a vintage version. 

  4. Lex Ellis (Lex Arcaro)

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