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Fragrances with Lex – Invictus by Paco Rabanne (2013)

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  1. I don't know all the hate in Europe or America toward this fragrance, people here in Africa love this stuff…..and it gets tons and tons of complements, and this is amazing for work…….. being that scents for work are always difficult to find

  2. Fragrance with Steve

    I really hate this for the same reason people hated 1 million when it was too popular. It's EVERYWHERE. You simply can't leave the house without being attacked by this scent. And I do think it's boring. Without much chance drying down. But it's indeed "quite nice" when you just want to smell decent and don't know any better 😝

  3. LeVar “Lflat” Ferrell

    What's the song in the intro? Its awesome

  4. It's the Kanye west song on the advert for this that puts me off. Plus the bottle design. Smell wise it's okay but when you consider three of the best perfumers out there collaborated on this you would have expected much more. 

  5. I thought this smelled like grape candy.

  6. Hey Lex, have you ever reviewed Armani Pour Homme, either the Vintage or the newer Reform? Its wonderful (the vintage at least).

  7. Season One through four of House is the bomb!!!

  8. Top Line Fragrances

    Smelled this on others and its OK, but must be my skin cus as soon as it hits my skin, it turns very rank, almost a shit like smell, seriously! lol  But my skin I have noticed does so on these type of frags for whatever reason!

  9. Haaaa…it does look like an Urn. Hope my Mom like its!!  Just kidding.

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