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Fragrances with Lex – Intimately Beckham Men by Beckham (2006)

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  1. Is this similar to any other well known colognes out there? I have found that quite a few celebrity fragrances try to copy designer fragrances. :D

  2. I've always been curious about this house. I'm not really a fan of the man himself but the presentation looks so good. In fact I just ordered a bottle of this along with Classic Blue and Homme!! I sometimes get a kick out of buying a cheapie!! 😀

  3. Hi Lex, I bought a 75ml bottle of this off Amazon yesterday for £9.99 with next day delivery!! Its just arrived. What an absurdly cheap price for this scent. My first impressions are: Great presentation, smells spicy but I also get a lipstick/make-up bag vibe (but not in a girly way), smells a bit weak so will have to adjust the amount of sprays I think… but like I say for a tenner delivered, bargain. Again mate, thanks for the reviews.

  4. I agree with the presentation, such a beautiful bottle! lol at the le male rant in the middle of the review

  5. Edp would be amazing 👍
    Also picked up Bottega Veneto, very very nice.

  6. Buddy , I just picked this up for $11.99 for the larger bottle. Such a fantastic spicy mens scent. Not the longest lasting but hey!
    Ps mate if you can have a look at these classics , I know you will love . From Lagerfeld, KL homme from 1986. Lagefeld classic, formally Cologne from 1978. And Trussardi Uomo from 1983. Dude these are amazing. Please check out this great reviewer to see these frags. Scent Land 

  7. This stuff smells so nice, rich , spicy , warm , fulfilling especially in the opening. Only thing is the lack of staying and projection but for the price who cares. Great work Lex Cheers 

  8. I've been wanting to get something from the house since like forever! Great review Mr.Lex :)

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