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Fragrances with Lex – Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme by Chanel (2012)

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  1. mahermaher maher

    hi Lex .. is it made in usa or france ?

  2. Obtained Victory

    The EDT is very hard to find Now days and when I do find it online I order it and they end up sending me the EDP instead! Of course they fully refund me after I send it back but the EDP performance is too poor I will not waste $110 on a weak fragrance,DAM! YOU CHANEL !!! on another note…great video !!!

  3. nameinaframeindy

    This shit smells so dam good. If you like tonka bean, you will love this. I don't think it smells like Versace pour homme but it does remind me of Armani code in the black bottle. You can wear all year.

  4. Marouane Erremich

    edp or edt concentrée?

  5. Would you say this fragrance is…perfect?

  6. Allure homme Sport performs very good On My skin. homme Sport = very good projection, Sport extreme = beast projection

    I think chanel is the Most consistent House in keeping there fragrances non-reformulated.

  7. When i smell it i Imagine a stormy Beach. The Waves Are high, there Are clouds and it Rains. It's still humid. in the background is a Forest with Palm trees. a stormy bora-bora-Setting. Amazing!

  8. Mister Sparkle (Mistersparkle)

    what version you got edt or the edp?, what year was yours made?

  9. does this one smells like prada luna rossa as they say?

  10. JubileeGiggles

    one hundred and first

  11. "It's so cloying" I can't stop laughing xD

  12. Lex- I own a 5oz bottle of Bleu de Chanel. I am VERY pleased with its projection and longevity. I have been seriously considering buying this one. Would you say that this one out-performs or at least matches bleu in these terms?

  13. Fussball Meister

    The It's so cloying example was right on the money. All these other fragrance reviewers saying that a fragrance is so cloying for summer. Just spray once or twice and that's it. JACKASSES!

  14. Very good reeview man, cheers,
    This shit is thee shit!! Up there with the best compliment getters for me.
    I finished a 100ml bottle a while back and am looking at getting a 150ml soon if i can find one for a decent price, £70 or so maybe.

  15. Great review Lex :)

  16. Fragrance with Steve

    Awesome vid. You cracked me up several times man. Funny as hell! Like like like

  17. The 101 video!! Great job!!

  18. Finally! This is one of my favorites. I really think people don't like this because of the stupid name. If it was "edition tonka" instead of "extreme" people would praise it

  19. I love this one but on me it projected heavily for a few hours and then died. I had others smell it just to check but it had gone according to them. I find it a good summer scent even in the high heat. But I don't go overboard. Women who smelled it on me called it a "blast of citrus". Didn't really get the tonka on my skin though. Great to see these being reviewed in hd. 

  20. You should get some better lighting to go with that HD camera :p

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