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Fragrances Revisited #1 Balenciaga Pour Homme by Balenciaga (1990)

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Beyonce Heat Rush was launched by the design house of Beyonce.
  Opening notes of Heat Rush start the composition with passion fruit sorbet blood orange and Brazilian cherry.
 When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you. 
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  1. That bottle is right up there with Kouros and Lapidus if prizes were given for most majestic looking bottle. That sprayer looks suspiciously like the one on the Tabac bottle though! I really need to seek this out. Everyone who's smelt this seems to rave about it.

  2. I find myself looking at my bottles also lol….. Agree Balenciaga is a good juice….

  3. Excellent review! I have to admit that I've never heard of Balenciaga Pour Homme. However, I never paid any attention to Balenciaga Ho Hang Club prior to picking-up a bottle last Spring, and it was one of my most worn and loved fragrances last year. I'll have to check-it-out.

  4. Wonderful job and a wonderful fragrance… Since Christmas I have picked up a 100ml bottle of both this one and Cristobal Pour Homme… They are both beautiful fragrances… This one is a bit dated but that is not a bad thing IMO…Thanks for revisiting this one man… It is great juice…

  5. I have been lusting after this one for years! Oh Brother Now I have to Get IT!! the house is pure class and style for sure. Hey that sprayer is the old OLD fashioned type. Haven't see that in a long time. The Balenciaga I do have and love is Cristobal For Men. OMG what a beauty. You must try it. YOU MUST! Bravo on a great review.

  6. That one is real masterpiece for sure! A real throwback in the beautiful days of my youth. Thanks for sharing.

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