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  1. hanae mori my all time fav

  2. so true on your take on frags

  3. Whats the difference between eu de toilett and eu de perfume?

  4. Robert Chambers

    My friend that was an amazing review, it was fast it was packed with information very informative straight to the point. love it good job

  5. u really have a great channel loving it babe!!! 

  6. WhatThatGuyUsed

    Good choice! I got mine at Sephora, also check Hudson's Bay x

  7. WhatThatGuyUsed

    Lol!!! L'Occitane do amazing fragrances and the prices are very reasonable. I think you mean Eau de Baux, if so that's an absolute fav of mine!

  8. 1AmericanInAsia

    I went to L'Occitane to sample Vetyver and I must admit it is impressive. I added this and Dior Sauvage to my fragrance shopping list. I also picked up a sample of Du Bios and splashed it today. I immediately notice that she held me much tighter and longer if you know what I mean. I'm about a 12.5 taller than her and she looked up at me for about 15sec; just looking with a slight smile on her face. :-) Man!.

  9. As far as I know it's still being produced ! I just saw a bottle in a parfume store the other day, and besides that I've not heard any rumors regarding it being discontinued :) It's a killer parfume to be quite honest.. intense and spicy making your body heat up (atleast with my chemistry), mixed with a mysterious twist of black currant.. possibly my most complimented parfume

  10. WhatThatGuyUsed

    Thank you… I also love YSL L'Homme Nuit, but I haven't tried the men's Opium yet. Is it still produced?

  11. WhatThatGuyUsed

    I couldn't agree with you more!

  12. I gotta agree Eau Sauvage Parfum is very good, I'mma leave a more specific analysis at Fragrantica but yeah, it's magic.

    Mostly all of my perfumes are orientals.. Opium and La Nuit byt Yves Saint Laurent, Jaipur by Boucheron and Dreamer by Versace, just to name a few. But ESP really hit me by surprise. Definately worth the dime if it suits your character

  13. Nice video.

  14. WhatThatGuyUsed

    Thanks friend! I'm sorting out what the next lot of fragrances might be, but I'll mix it up a bit!

  15. Great video. Eau Sauvage Parfum the best release in the mainstream industry in recent years. It would be good to see more fragrance related videos from you.

  16. uuuuuu TOP SECRET aaaaaa whats the name uuuuu aaaaa hypnotic poison? lol

  17. "I. Feel. Rich. When I wear this.." THIS is why I love you :D:D:D Your care package will arrive by June 17. Will msg you when to pick it up from my place!

  18. Nice fragrances!

  19. Sorry skimmed over this! I think there's 4 concentrations of frag on average (there's some other categories) from weakest to strongest: Cologne, EdT, EdP, and Parfum. The word "cologne" is used in accurately all the time and it drives me crazy. It truly means a very weak frag (think B+BW)… Parfums are lethal, and sometimes come in stronger variations. Bottom line: the greater the intensity the longer the wear. And as always I get carried away with my explaination… x

  20. whats the difference with the eau du toilet.. always wondered

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