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Fragrance VERSUS – 1 Million VS 212 VIP Men

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  1. the original 212 men vs 212 VIP, which one do you think is the best? both smelling and performance wise???

  2. Vicente Ortiz Jr.

    Great video Lex Ellis,but PAco Rabanne 1 million only last 6hours on my skin then it completely disappears.I have to test(try) Carolina Herrera 212 VIP,sounds interesting.Love this series!

  3. Hi,thanks for the review you definitly clear my doubts,may i be able to ask if you are native english or it's some kind of accent? I don't know if you speak fast or what haha,anyway great vid chees

  4. Just purchased HUGO BOSS bottled Intense, WOW nice flanker.

  5. Yo, thanks for review, decided on the 212 VIP. thanks

  6. D&G's The One vs. CH men from Carolina Herrera

  7. 1 million intence kill 1 million normal and 212 vip.

  8. Your english is too fast
    I hope you will improve and bring new vid.. 

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