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Fragrance Talk: Carly and Cubby; DKNY Be Delicious

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  1. You're so cuuuute holy fuckkkkkkk

  2. Hey Cubby, how does the original compare to the be delicious intense version?

  3. Matthew Philbrook

    Where are you from in Canada?

  4. burningjelly4lyfe

    i love the sweater, any chance you can tell me where you got it?

  5. burningjelly4lyfe

    sounds ridiculous but ive seen it at walmart

  6. Where can i buy the DKNY be Delicious for men?

  7. Carly is hot!

  8. Hi Carly !!

  9. @drumaboy200 i think he is what they call a homosexual in your country

  10. why don't you guys just have sex 😉

  11. Ironically enough both my sister and I both bought the corresponding scent without knowing it. We went to Christmas dinner and noticed we were wearing the same scent haha.

  12. I LOVE Be D. women— have it for my g.f.

    I also have the men's Be D., but it is definitely a more finicky beast. It's VERY intense and is way easier to overdo because of the top note which is "melony" yet somehow sharp to the nose. I'd suggest 1 spray on the neck and MAYBE one more on your shirt. Any more than that and people will smell you and not in a good way. It's cloying if you use too much at all. I like both, but they are very different. Do 2-3 sprays with the women's be delicious.

  13. ayo cubby your friend carly is a cutie!

  14. Carley is gorgeous!!!

  15. I'm just in the beginning teen years and was thinking of getting this perfume for myself and I was also thinking of britney spears' fantasy. which do you recomend?

  16. Every one below this comment is GAY.

  17. I Have this Fragrance!!

  18. shes cute!

  19. Mmmm Ilove this perfume!

  20. You guys look like brother and sister together!

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