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Fragrance Review:Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee

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  1. My pleasure Brother,This one is a winner hands down, your gonna love it

  2. Thanks bro. I'm getting this now!

  3. This is everything that I ever wanted on a Spring & Summer scent,Unique,appealing,relaxing,beautiful,Love it so muchhhh

  4. This is one of my favorite Hermes frags. It's beautiful!! I need to get some more of this frag!!

  5. This is completely diferent from ADG and Issey Miyake,This is a very unique scent,It's a Fig base Fragrance with a pistachio accord and a fresh boosy juniper berries opening and a Mediterranean almost sea side Woody vibe from Cypress,spectacular scent

  6. so this is similar to aqua di gio or issey miyake??

  7. Bros you blowed me away with that info,I could swear I smell the best Fig note in here,wow 3 molcules to similate the smell of figs,Ellena really is a master at what he does,This is one of my favorites in my collection,I will take it over any chanel,Dior fresh scent and over many niche as well,very underated,thanks for the support guys.

  8. awesome review! fantastic fragrance! love it. this has one of the most natural fig notes i've ever smelled. interesting note, Ellena didnt actually use fig to make the fig note. he used three molecules to give the illusion of fig. :)

  9. Thanks Mr Eric,liaten men trust me this is a fenomenal fragrance that I will take over many niche,this stuff smells Niche smells expensive refreshing unique,you cant go wrong,I put my reputayion on this one,excelle t frag,diferent then the main stream designers frags. Thanks for watching.

  10. Great review. I am thinking of picking this up for my summer scent.

  11. Oh thanks alOt for the compliment on the glasses,and I'm really glad u enjoy UJEM…

  12. Love your glasses! Great review. This is my favourite from the Un Jardin line.

  13. Hope u like it …thanks for comment.

  14. Great review. I ordered a decant, still waiting for it in the mail. Thanks for the review.

  15. Gracias mi amor I lov u 2…muah :-)

  16. Look for a deal online maybe u can get the big size for less then 100$

  17. Definitly the best from the jardin line in my opinion better then sur le nil…thanks for commenting lionel.

  18. This will fight for my top 3 summer next year! Man it is earthy, woody and figgy (not a word LOL). The longevity and projection are superb! Great review my friend!

  19. If anybody knows how to upload this videos to YouTube with the music intro without having all this YouTube restrictions that I can't watch the video from my iPad or iPhone l because of copyright let me know.also will like to know if u guys are able to watch it from your Pc.

  20. Thanks guys for the feedback

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