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Fragrance Review Queue – Series 4 – 5th May 2015

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  1. Nice , thank you Lex

  2. Extravagance Perfume!

  3. I just picked-up a bottle of David Beckham Instinct while I was out and about a couple weeks ago. It was inexpensive, so what the heck!  Anyway, I like it…it's a nice fragrance for the office or casual wear; not great – not bad.

    Not a fan of the Armani Code fragrances…with the exception of Ultimate, which is excellent and highly-underrated IMO.

    Would love to see White Aoud and Sweet Oriental Dream reviews since I'm a big fan of this house, but I admit many are hit-or-miss. I have Red Aoud and Aoud & Pine by-the-way.

    Raghba Wood Intense and Raghba for Men are outstanding, and both are in my collection. I have never smelled Kouros (can't get excited about that one for whatever reason) but I have an older bottle of Body Kouros and love it. Cool Water is okay. I have a bottle of Ultra Zest which I have yet to open…but look forward to trying. 

    Finally, would love to see Amber Oudh reviewed (hey, that rhymes!)

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