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Fragrance Review Queue – Series 3 – 15th February 2015

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  1. Just got some samples of the original 24 frag. Wearing it now and it has the power of Gold. Perhaps even more. But it smells like wound disinfectant…

  2. Shit, pasted that by mistake
    Looking forward to those reeeeviews man

  3. I purchased a bottle of Dior
    Homme Intense in May 2012 and I hated its so much that I
    ended up returning it. However for the past few weeks I had been
    getting the urge to buy another bottle and give DHI another
    chance. Well… I did re-purchase DHI again and it arrived by mail a few
    days ago. So I opened the box, once again admired the bottle
    design and then proceeded to spray some on my wrist and… OH
    MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!!!… This smells so good… so
    dark …so sexy… the lipstick opening… the cocao like drydown…
    this fragrance is unlike anything else I have ever sampled. I very rarely liken fragrances to sex but to me DHI is pure, raw,
    passionate, XXX-rated, french kissing, back scratching, lipstick
    smudging, red hot sex in a bottle. Not long after spraying this on my neck and body I went shopping
    and I went into my local pharmacist which has a small fragrance
    counter (which didnt stock Dior or Chanel)and the lady came over
    to ask if I needed any help. Within seconds she was asking what
    I was wearing and she put her nose to my neck and inhaled
    deeply and in an almost orgasmic tone exclaimed " Mmmmm…it smells sooooo sexy!!!" She then called two of the other ladies
    over who also worked there and they had a sniff also and they all
    agreed that this fragrance is extremely sexy. DHI for me opens with the iris note and as most other reviews will
    testify it gives off that lipstick scent that this fragrance is famous
    for, after about 1 hour this fragrance begins to heat up just a little
    but it still holds on to the iris note. 2-3 hours into the fragrance I notice a cocao like note beging to
    emerge which then turns this scent into a slightly warm,lipstick
    like rich cocao like fragrance which is just absolutely beautiful. 5-6 hours in and the slight warmth of the fragrance tones down as
    does the iris/lipstick note and a vanilla like note surfaces and
    blends into the cocoa like note, and ladies and gentlemen in my
    opinion this drydown is just simply divine. This drydown can last
    up to 12 hours on my skin and I absolutely love every minute of
    it. The projection on DHI is very good as it projects well enough for
    others to smell it but not so much that it overpowers them.On my
    skin DHI projects very well for around 4-5 hours before getting
    closer to the skin. The longevity on DHI is excellent lasting at least 10 hours on my
    skin and usually lasting 12+ hours. In my opinion this would make an excellent scent to wear if your
    going on a date during in the autumn and winter months but to be
    honest it smells so damn good I personally would wear it all year
    round. I really dont know what the hell happened with the first bottled of
    DHI I bought and then returned in may 2012, maybe I just
    recieved a bad bottle or maybe my nose wasnt ready for DHI but
    all I can say is that I have done a complete 180 in my opinion on
    this fragrance and I will definitely be wearing this alot in future. In my honest opinion, Dior Homme Intense is an absolute
    Masterpiece. My Score: Projection: 10
    Longevity: 10
    Fragrance: 10

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