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Fragrance Review Lacoste Pour Homme

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  1. 5 stars on the review man..!

  2. AGentlemansJourney

    Great review, Rizzo. My girlfriend gave me this one for my birthday and its one of my favorite designers.

  3. vanilla ???? are you serius 

  4. GentlemensCorner1914

    Thanks and thanks for watching

  5. Thank you sir.Indepth analysis. Keep 'em coming!

  6. Can any of you gents recommend a reputable on line vendor for good juice?

  7. GentlemensCorner1914

    You think so? I don't get that at all. Its very soft, airy and has a pillowy type vibe to it if that makes sense. DHI is powder powder and class in a bottle aka my type of scent lol

  8. Smells like Dior homme intense?

  9. No question this is a good fruity fresh linen hung out to dry on a fresh sunny slightly windy day. Thanks for reviewing

  10. GentlemensCorner1914

    Thanks Gent, and I have been having technical issues, that why the videos have not been pumping out rapidly when I record them.

  11. I really enjoyed this review I will try it out as soon as possible, good to see you back keep up the good work.

  12. Great review on an underrated fragrances.

  13. GentlemensCorner1914

    I do not know if the opening of this fragrance is like such, however the mid and drydown of this fragrance in my opinion has those characteristics.

  14. I get a Downey fabric softener at the start of Amouge Reflection Man, I love it. I actually am looking for a good clean fabric scent, this sounds a bit to complex to fit that bill, but sounds great.

  15. Man you been hitting the weights lately? Looking really ripped, not gay, just know what it's like putting time in at the gym. Great review, as usual! I don't know why but I always overlook the Lacoste house. I need to stop collecting, I been really getting into Bond no 9 lately.

  16. great review , been meaning to check this one out

  17. GentlemensCorner1914

    Thanks Gent.

  18. GentlemensCorner1914

    It's pretty good, although I don't know if this would benefit your collection, other than just a solid work cologne. Your collection seem full of solid contenders…lol

  19. GentlemensCorner1914

    Be Warned bro it's a really soft scent, and it should do well on a nice fair-weather day in SD, but it can easily turn thick and cloying on a hot day, so be careful. Also it lasts a long time.

  20. GentlemensCorner1914

    Thanks gent, I'm trying to figure out a few technical issues so i can upload more videos instead of having to rerecord and put out crappy ones. Nevertheless I digress, thanks for your patience and feedback.

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