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Fragrance Review: J’adore by Christian Dior

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  1. i love it.smell so good.

  2. Hi Guys, I just came across this new website called Togethersave – it seems like you can buy this parfum here at a reduced price through people 'Group Buying' as a 'Crowd' – I've had a look and it looks good :) Just Google it and it comes up FIRST on the list…

  3. There's a pre-order bulk buying crowd for this product on TogetherSave. I think I'll join it… this looks great!  

  4. i got it as a gift and  really liked it, it's kind of weird frangrance, love it

  5. Im on my 4th bottle…i loovvee jadore parfume original..they also got couple new jadores parfume..but this jadore your reviewing is the best fragrance plus..this pafum scent never changes on me..this and Creed fleurrissimo at neihman marcus is my two favorites!!!

  6. Bought this stuff for my girlfriend. She loved it. I actually received this as a sample from Nordstroms when I bought a Guerlain. I smelled it and was like, yeah, I'm getting my girl this stuff. Nice review

  7. I just got this for Christmas and I love it too! :)

  8. Sherzodbek Omadillayev

    Thank you for making video, and I'll recommend you ladies & gentlemen to try FM Group fragrances be cause it's worldwide & everybody loves it, just watch on youtube or google it if you have this FM group in your country, go there & they let U try all the perfumes for free vs pleasure, coz I understand what's a perfume itself & how it's made. U can use my FM id: 36001651 whenever u contact to them! thank you! And never underestimate it! Drom international produces all of ur & my FM perfumes!!!

  9. Thats a first! Thanks! Yes…there is a big difference so it was important to mention!

  10. The way you talk reminds me of Emma Roberts! Thanks for the awesome review. I love the fact that you noted the difference between EDT & EDP!!

  11. I love this perfume I will purchase two of them for christmas.

  12. I have just bought jadore from a perfurme shop in a westfields not a department store, how do I know I'm not getting a fake, the serial No. on the bottom of the bottle on the sticker is not the same no. as above the bar code and there is arab writing at the bottom of the box.

  13. J'adore is a masterpiece creation by christian dior..on my skin,it smells creamy tuberose,sweet blackberries,citrusy n juicy bergamot+mandarin+apricot+melon,lovely florals of rose+jasmine+neroli flower,powdery violet n last but not least sensual woody base of musk+sandalwood+cedar.

  14. I haven't heard of one but check out Fragrance Net online. They would have it if there was one!

  15. Is there a summer version of this? My lady was interested in it (if it exists), because we've heard it does..?

  16. i tried that same size one at the PX military fine store…OMG…I love the scent its like sweet floral…sorta candyish light scent with a hint of floral to me…i wore the sample scent to work and one of the customers from the resteraunt i was working at…she walked by me saying OMG…She Loovveess that scent i was wearing which was this CD Jadore…i plan to buy this bottle…love that scent!!!! and it does last!!! i also love Obsession too!!!

  17. acesmartkiddonald

    Nice video. Toilette is actually pronounced "too-wall-ette". I would explain the pronunciation of the other French words as well, but it's pronunciation is too difficult to explain through writing.

  18. @ILOVETHETELE Me too! It's so worth buying!

  19. i got a sample of this perfum and i absolutely love it :)

  20. greek goddess

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