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Fragrance Review – Intimately Beckham

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  1. Thank you for your review. I got my 'Intimately Beckham' an hour ago and I already love it.

  2. You are so beautiful :)

  3. You remind me of Audrey Hepburn xx

  4. can u plz review laura mercier radience primer

  5. Omigosh….you look so gorgeous! I could hardly concentrate on your review as I am fixed at just watching your face.  In fairness, though, you talk sense.  Suggestion: please include reviews of male colognes, perfumes, etc. Thanks….

  6. I purposely avoid anything by the Beckhams, as they represent everything I dislike about the whole celeb culture. Like how when the Beckham woman's solo singing career failed because she can't sing without the talented Mel C to back her up, so she carried on getting attention by selling dumb stories to magazines about her footballer or handbag, and despite selling pictures of having orange skin, the weird looking fake chest she now had removed that looked like pure implants too big for her skeleton body, I was told to see her as some kind of style icon, when everybody I know is more stylish. Since her, magazines seem to only be about trying to brainwash gullible teenage girls into admiring the talentless trash like Jade Goody who they fill their pages with, who then are called top business people for putting their name on a perfume somebody else made, or great at whatever career they suddenly made up overnight without a day training or working in the industry.

  7. you are so pretty oh my goodness

  8. princesscharlott1983

    If I could be reborn – can I come back looking like you Hannah? You are absolutely stunning girl! Your job comes as no surprise!

  9. oh my…your so pretty =3

  10. I just saw you in the George Michael vid! I get really excited when I see you anywhere..like I really know you or something lol. Anyway it was beautiful, you are so pretty and I'm glad you are successful. You deserve it! 

  11. Please keep making videos 😀 

    You're amazing!

  12. Hi Hannah, could you please make a tutorial for the makeup you have on this video? Or atleast mention what the eye shadow is and some people below have asked about the lipstick aswel.

    Many thanks

  13. Hello there. I'm from America and I need your help. Contact me on Facebook if you feel like you might be baled to help me, I think you're just too gorgeous and I genuinely need your help. My name is Jenna skittles Conway on Facebook, please. I need your help!

  14. You're so beautiful 

  15. I think I spotted you at the new George Michael video. You are beautiful!! Wauwww!!! ?? ?

  16. this was so helpful, thank you! Looking gorgeous as always xx 

  17. your sound is always SO QUIET!! :( i'd like to actually be able to hear your lovely voice!

  18. has anyone ever told you that you look like keira knightley? xxx

  19. Which Lipstick is on you Lips?

  20. What do you wear on your lips? Looks stunning ?

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