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Fragrance Review: Hermes Eau Des Merveilles

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  1. Matthew Deem (mattdmv)

    Can a male wear this?

  2. Johmathan .B. Swift

    Wonderful review . Great way of handling whale barf. Good stuff . Walking around exploring places . I like that I love that fact that added a song for reference . Nice job.

  3. so happy i found your channel! love your perfume taste :)

  4. stink,old lady smell.

  5. AGentlemansJourney

    Very nice review. Hermes is a very classy house.

  6. I enjoyed yr vid n i subscribed 

  7. great review :-) i couldn't have described it better myself. the merveilles line in general's really nice. btw, did you get my email? i tagged you as part of the fragrance reviewers tag series  

  8. Fantastic review, I enjoyed it so so much, thank you! I really want to try this now, I love whale barf :)

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