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Fragrance Review – Cigar by Remy Latour

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  1. just ordered this last week  ,,its ok dries down on my skin as woody and musky

  2. Hey bro would u recommend this for a 23 year old?

  3. I like this one. Great for the price. Masculine. I can't really explain it but to me I get this cool burnt smell. 

  4. I saw your review a while ago on it cause I've seen this cologne for years and never gave it a chance. A week ago saw a gift set on clearance and I smelt it, I laughed and was like this is the scent I have been searching for years and had opted with A men meanwhile . Cigar and Chrome two inexpensive colognes to have! In my book.

  5. lol, commander and cigar can get in singapore at only $3.90 sing dollars

  6. there is a big difference between cigar and commander. commander is heavenly…oh my god…just tried it and im buying 20 pcs. smells alm the same but its different at the end….its REALLY nice.

  7. I saw these on eBay ranging $15-$25 if anyone is looking to buy. Check it out.

  8. @longdongsilver78
    I haven't had a chance to try Cigar Commander but its on my to get list for sure. I have tried Burberry London on paper and I didn't care much for it but that was a few months ago and my tastes have changed alot since then so I may give em both a shot here soon

  9. No problem, I'm trying to review a few I've not seen too often on here.

  10. I've always been curious about this one. Thanks for the review man!!!!!

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